History of Service, A Wealth of Knowledge, A Future of Success.  

Representing All Citizens of Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park.

George Hogan is a native of Old Orchard Beach and graduate of OOB HS. Many people know George for his experience as a small business owner of Hogan’s Variety for 35 years. Until this past summer, George continued to operate the Oceanside Grill, a small business in town, during the summer months.  Still many others remember George for his enthusiastic work as a Town Councilor and for his service on the School Board.  George also made time to help with our Old Orchard Beach High School youth as Head Football and Baseball Coach.  George Hogan’s leadership and stewardship for our town is indisputable and most evident with his 10 years of service as our Maine State Representative.



More about George Hogan 

As our State Representative . . .

George averaged 485 legislative actions during his time in office either as a sponsor or co-sponsor. (Go to http://www.maine.gov/legis/house/history/124th/124bios/hogagw.htm).  George lead several key efforts that dramatically changed our daily lives for the better.  Here a just a few examples:

  • Superman Saved the Day, George Hogan Saved our Bay – George Hogan fought and won the effort to properly define our town’s jurisdiction and to expand our town boundary of the bay out three miles.  PL., Ch. 24, LD 1119 is one of the more important legislative acts of our time, giving us control over our bay and making sure we have a say in important issues that effect our town.
  • Vaccines – George led the effort to allow pharmacies to administer immunizations.  PL.,Ch 308, LD 1223 gives patients greater access to vaccines for common illnesses like the flu and pneumonia by allowing independent pharmacies to administer them.  This new law allows pharmacies to administer e-pens in emergencies.  George’s demonstrated care and concern for the Health of all Maine’s citizens is another landmark accomplishment.

George’s body of work also includes voting to support legislative successes that range from transportation and highway safety issues, to prohibiting cell phone use while driving, to anti-buying legislation and working hard year after year to protect our revenue sharing funds for our schools.

George knows . . . 

the issues facing our community and the challenges that families and small businesses deal with every day.  As our State Representative George will continue to fight for us to protect our shared revenue funds that we need to improve our schools.  George will continue to support better transportation, roads and bridges, enhance our quality of life and create more opportunities for sustainable economic growth.  George has the know-how, the drive, and the proven track record to get work done for us up in Augusta.  George Hogan represents all the citizens of Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park.

George’s passion . . .

remains his constituency work as a facilitator for so many people and businesses in town.  George has years of proven success stories helping individuals and businesses work productively with state agency processes and procedures.  Transportation issues, environmental concerns, flood control, George’s professional approach to solve problems is another shining example of the commitment George has to all the Citizens of Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park.




Superman Saved the Day.  George Hogan Saved our Bay…

George Hogan fought and won the effort to properly define our town’s jurisdiction and to expand our town boundary of the bay out three miles.  PL., Ch. 24, LD 1119 is one of the more important legislative acts of our time, giving us control over our bay and making sure we have a say in important issues that effect our town.

Transportation Committee.  George Hogan works hard for Town improvements…

George Hogan worked hard on the Transportation Committee to get roadwork done at the corner of Union Ave., Saco Ave., and E. Emerson Cummings Ave., and secured additional funding for future roadwork in Old Orchard Beach.

Best Shot Shawn and George CroppedShawn O’Neil:

“George is best known around Town for his honesty, integrity, and dependability.  He’s had landmark accomplishments during his 10 years as Maine State Rep.  It’s time to re-elect George Hogan to represent all of us in Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park.”  #GeorgeHogan#LandmarkAccomplishments



Vacination ImageVaccine Legislation

George Hogan led the effort for significant legislation (PL., CH 308, LD 1223) that gives patients greater and more affordable access to vaccines for common illnesses like the flu and pneumonia by allowing pharmacies to administer them.





Mark Eves, Maine State Speaker of the House:

“George Hogan has a track record of standing up for families, seniors and veterans. When it comes to life saving health care, growing our economy, and providing property tax relief, you can count on George to do what’s right for Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park.”



Why I Am Running  

Hi Residents of Old Orchard Beach,

Just a few words to tell you why I am running for re-election to the position of State Representative for Old Orchard Beach.

I feel it is a privilege to serve as your State Representative. My bill in the legislature to establish jurisdiction of the Saco Bay was thrilling for me, it was one of the greatest achievements of my life. When we saved Saco Bay, it allowed our town to once and for all get out from under the thumb of our neighbors and finally dictate our own future.

I am running once again to continue with efforts to help my town, especially in a time when we as a community are asked to do more and more, with less and less. Reductions in revenue sharing as well as cuts to educational funding have hurt us deeply.  As part of a hard-won compromise, we secured an additional $15 million for public education to protect schools from cuts and local property taxpayers from cost shifts in the upcoming school year.

And I am passionate about meeting the needs of each and every single citizen of Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park. I love doing constituency work because it allows me to interact directly with people, to help with their problems.

I wish to say once again, that serving as the State Representative of Old Orchard Beach for ten years has been a tremendous honor to me. I thank you, the community of Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park, for allowing me to serve you. Now, I ask you for a chance to continue on, by voting for me on Election Day, November 8th.
Thank you.

-George Hogan



Letters to the Editor.  

Letters to the editor are the most authentic way for community members to voice their beliefs and opinions. Below are several letters to the editor from Old Orchard Beach citizens who are counting on George’s practical leadership. George Hogan has four terms of legislative experience fighting for Old Orchard Beach, and in this time Hogan has earned the respect and admiration of citizens from all political parties.



Bud Harmon

Past President/CEO
Old Orchard Chamber of Commerce

I am encouraging all to vote for George Hogan, candidate running for State Representative in Old Orchard Beach. I have known George many years and found him to be honest, intelligent, determined and very well respected by all who know him including legislators from both political parties during his 8 years serving as our State Representative in Augusta. Being a native of OOB, along with his experience as a small business owner, past member of the OOB School Board, OOB Town Council and head football and baseball coach for OOB high school, he understand the needs of our community.

Having had some experience in Augusta, I have personally been privy to many positive comments fro m legislators regarding his leadership. He is an excellent communicator and able to coalesce politicians on both sides of the table to work together for the common good of the people in Old Orchard Beach and Maine. A perfect example of this bipartisan support was when he realized that the residents of OOB did not have jurisdictional control of the activities on our very beachfront and outlying waters. A neighboring community was considering a marina within Saco Bay and had the authority to do so without any consent from OOB whatsoever. George introduced LD1119 (An Act to Clarify the Municipal Jurisdiction of Saco Bay) and doggedly fought to expand Old Orchard Beach’s jurisdictional town boundary by 3 miles. Due to his ability to bring fellow legislators from both sides of the political arena to the table in an effort to gain their support, he was able to have LD111 9, a historic piece of legislation passed. There is only one other community within the state that has gained these jurisdictional rights and had their town boundary changed. No one, other than the Old Orchard Beach community, will determine what takes place on our beach and outlying waters due to this remarkable legislation.

His past work leading the efforts to give patients greater access to vaccines, creating good paying jobs, rebuilding our roads and bridges, investing in worker training and attracting new businesses that enhance our quality of life in Old Orchard Beach will continue. He is committed to improving our local schools and creating sustainable growth. As our past State Representative, George averaged 485 legislative actions during his time in office either as a sponsor or cosponsor in order to improve the quality of life for us.

George and I have not always agreed on every issue when it comes to issues relating to the business community but he has always been respectful and willing to discuss his thought process and reasoning in a professional manner. He does not run away from his opinions and you can always depend on a straight answer from him. What more can one ask for?

I was very pleased when he announced his decision to represent our community in Augusta by running for another term. His intelligent bipartisanship generates respect at the state level. The Town of Old Orchard Beach and its residents deserve this type of representation and should ask for no less. Your vote for candidate George Hogan in November will ensure this. When he is elected, it will be a proud day for us all.



Gary Curtis

Past Chair
RSU 23/Old Orchard Beach Schools

It’s with enthusiasm I add my voice to those in support of GEORGE HOGAN for OOB’s Representative in Augusta.

George is a man of integrity, ability, and a history of getting things done for Old Orchard Beach.

Thanks to George, we look out on a bay under the jurisdiction of our town, not some other community.

George’s ability to work with folks on the “other” side of an issue is often remarked upon with appreciation, and his character has made him someone to be trusted.

As chair of the OOB School Board, I’ve relied on George to present our unique problems as a school district to the Education Committee and to the Department of Education. George has always remained in close touch with OOB’s education community, and while there is still much to do, George is someone that will keep at it! He recognizes the inequities built into the EPS formula, and will continue to work to rewrite it or begin anew on a school funding formula that is fair and equitable to towns like ours. He has proven himself to be a true friend of education.

I like being able to cast “positive” votes, and I’m “positive” that GEORGE HOGAN is the best candidate to be our representative in Augusta.



Jayne Flaherty

Old Orchard Beach Resident

In the past few weeks I have read eloquently written letters in support of George Hogan, by 3 people I greatly respect: Marc Bourassa, Bud Harmon, and Gary Curtis. I would like to add my name to that list.

George has lived in Old Orchard Beach his whole life and has served our town in many capacities. He was a member of both the town council and the school board. He has been the head football and baseball coach in the high school. George raised a family and owned a small business in town for 35 years.

Most recently George Hogan served 4 terms in the Maine State House of Representatives. He was the driving force in getting our beautiful bay under our jurisdiction. He was then termed out. He is now eligible to serve us again and eagerly awaits that opportunity.

George understands that the recent “cuts” in Augusta have hurt the local taxpayer. The town is now left to deal with the cost of what the state no longer pays. Add to that burden, the fact that we are “low receivers” and only get 10% of needed school funding. No wonder we saw a raise in our taxes!

As a representative, who has reached across the aisle to bring consensus and compromise, George has won the respect of legislators; Republican, Democrat, and Independent. His integrity, wisdom, and life experiences are reasons I am supporting George Hogan.



Marc J. Bourassa

Past Old Orchard Beach Town Council Chair

Dear Readers,

I’d like to take a moment of your precious time to explain why I’ll be voting for George Hogan to represent the citizens of Old Orchard Beach in Augusta this November.

Years ago, I had the pleasure of serving the Old Orchard Beach community with George Hogan on the Town Council. During that tenure, George was honest, caring and worked hard to help many in town. Though we disagreed at times, he always listened to different viewpoints with respect and dignity. He did not have a hidden agenda, his agenda was what he thought was best for all of Old Orchard Beach.

Having watched George serve in the House of Representatives, he brought the same respect of differing viewpoints and an ability to work with all political factions, reaching compromise to help solve some of the problems facing Maine.

I hope you will consider voting for George Hogan as our representative in Augusta. George’s leadership and stewardship for our town has been exemplary. Your vote will help him return to Augusta and get Old Orchard Beach and Maine on track toward economic prosperity.



Roxanne Frenette

Former Old Orchard Beach Town Councilor

My family supports George Hogan for the Maine House of Representatives because he is trust worthy and has the proven track record of success that we need to help all of us.  As many of you know, George is modest, soft spoken, highly thoughtful, and not one to grandstand for any reason.  He talks one on one with people and really listens.  Everyone knows George works to solve problems, not cause them.

George shows how much he cares about the people in Old Orchard Beach by his actions.  I was there with George when he saved our bay from unwanted development.  It took over a year and George never gave up.  Because of George we now have local control over what happens in our bay. George successfully pushed legislation through to make flu shots and important vaccines available to Mainers at our local pharmacies.  George also pushed hard to expand the Zoom Bus.  He helped get license plates honoring Gold Star families and started the effort to stop cell phone use while driving.  And year after year, George always worked to protect our revenue-sharing fund for our schools.  As our state representative, George will continue to fight for us to protect our shared revenue funds that we need for our schools.

My family supports George Hogan because he has the integrity, respect and professional know-how we need in Augusta.



Pat Brown

Old Orchard Beach Resident

On November 8th, voters in Old Orchard Beach have a wonderful opportunity to re-elect their finest legislative representative to Augusta. George Hogan is running again for his seat in the Maine House.

George has distinguished himself in our town as a strong and loving family man, a coach, a business owner, a member of the Town Council, a member of the school board and as our state representative in the legislature. George Hogan served in the legislature from his election in 2004 until 2012 when he had to step down because of Maine’s term limits.  George returned to the legislature from 2014 to 2016.

George is his own man. In the legislature, he consistently proposed his own bills to address meaningful problems. He was a strong voice for Old Orchard Beach, neither a cheerleader for his party nor a promoter of politically inspired causes. George listens to everybody, keeps an open mind, but he thinks for himself.

During his entire time in the legislature, he consistently got important things done for us in Augusta: quietly and without fanfare. George Hogan worked tirelessly to expand our water boundary 3 miles so we, the people of Old Orchard Beach, now have jurisdiction of our bay, instead of the Saco. That is significant.

I’ve had the opportunity to see people’s reaction to George as he tirelessly walks door to door throughout Town speaking with residents. They repeatedly greet him with a warm smile and express great pleasure to know he has a strong desire to return to Augusta to once again serve us all.

George Hogan has spent a lifetime quietly, thoughtfully and strongly serving the community of Old Orchard Beach. George is known for his dedication, integrity and honesty. That’s why I’m voting for George. I’m hoping you do too! Thank you.



Cris Edward Johnson, Esq.

Four years ago, George Hogan had to step down from the seat he’d held in the Maine House of Representatives for many years because of our state’s term limits law.

Whether term limits are a good thing or a bad thing, one thing is clear: Old Orchard Beach lost its most effective voice in the Maine legislative process that year.  Thankfully, George was elected to return to the legislature in 2012.

This year George is running for re-election and the voters in my town are excited about it.

George is running a Clean Elections campaign, so the enthusiasm can’t be measured by the volume of lawn signs, paid mailers, magnetic car billboards or newspaper ads; but on the street, the message is clear: OOB continues to want it’s proven champion in the game representing it in the legislature.

George Hogan has unparalleled experience, knowledge of his constituency and the stature in Augusta to promote the interests of this community above any political party directive.

In November, I’m voting to re-elect the best legislator this town has ever had and I urge every voter in Old Orchard to do the same.




George Hogan is the proud recipient of several endorsements from Maine organizations.

The organizations listed below represent a diverse array of community stakeholders, who share a common vested interest in improving the lives of Mainers. These groups are confident in my abilities to advocate for their causes, trusting I will not let them down if elected November 4th. I thank each organization for their due diligence and hard work promoting the welfare and prosperity of Mainers and am grateful for their endorsement.